Guitar Wolf Needs your Crowdfunding Support for Shimane Jett Fes 2020
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Guitar Wolf Needs Your Crowdfunding Support
Virtual Shimane Jett Fes 2020

Guitar Wolf needs your crowdfunding help for its annual music festival Shimane Jet Fest Yamatano Orochi Rising 2020 to be held virtually this year.  Your support is essential as Guitar Wolf seeks to bring international rock lineup for free of charge to all of you fans around the world. 

Music is in dire straits amid COVID-19.  But especially times like this, Guitar Wolf wants to energize the world with the power of rock'n'roll!

You can support this project by sending them ¥3240 (about $30) via PAYPAL.  Start by visiting the following URL, a Japanese crowdfunding site called camp-fire which is similar to GoFundMe of the US.

Since this site is in Japanese and would appear confusing to non-Japanese speakers, we have created step by step visuals as below.  Follow English translation in blue.

Deadline for your donation is August 27, for this show to take place on September 26 (JST).
Lineup will be revealed late August to early September.

Please scroll down this URL to read Seiji's message in English about this project. 

Thank you in advance for your support!!